Welcome to Diamantakis Winery !

Diamantakis winery is a modern winery in Crete. It is located southwest of the city of Heraklion in the heart of the province Malevizi, outside the village of Kato Assites.

Family's purpose is the production of high quality wines supporting the cultivation of vine with love and care and the exploitation of  special native varieties such as Liatiko, Vidiano and Mandilaria in combination with the unique microclimate of the area. 





Recent News

Oenorama 2019

07 Mar 2019
The leading Greek wine exhibition, OENORAMA 2019

12 Mar 2019

Thessaloniki International Wine & Spirits Competition 2019

07 Mar 2019

Diamantopetra Red 2016, silver medal

Diamantopetra White 2018, silver medal

Diamantakis Vidiano 2018, bronze medal

Prinos White 2018, bronze medal

Prinos Syrah 2017, bronze medal

Oinotika Heraklion 2019

07 Mar 2019
The Cretan wine fair OINOTIKA 2019 in Heraklion.

Οinotika Chania 2019

18 Feb 2019
The Cretan wine fair OINOTIKA 2019 in Chania. 

New label - Petali Liatiko

06 Mar 2019
Diamantakis winery intrduces you a new label named Petali / Liatiko 2017 !

4o Wine Exploring Festival, OINOTEKA 2019

06 Feb 2019
Diamantakis winery at 4o Wine Exploring Festival 2019 held by OINOTEKA.

Renewed label of Diamantopetra !

18 Jan 2019
Diamantakis wnery performs the renewed labes of Diamantopetra